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Avara Pharmaceutical Services completes acquisition and secures jobs at Avlon site near Bristol

December 1st was an important day for the 210 people employed to produce life-saving medicines at Avlon near Bristol as they transfer to new owners Avara Pharmaceutical Services.

Previously owned by AstraZeneca, the site was earmarked for closure as the patents expired on some of the company’s medicines.

Avara has four other sites and has ambitious plans to continue to expand its network around the world. At Avlon they plan to invest and develop the business, ending five years of uncertainty for employees to serve the rapidly growing contract pharmaceutical manufacturing demands.

At a celebration event with employees, Avara’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tim Tyson said: “The team at Avlon are experienced, and talented pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who operate a high quality facility.  We are delighted to be able to acquire this world class capability and to transition this Astra Zeneca centre of excellence into an international pharmaceutical services center of world-wide excellence. We see Avlon as a long term, profitable growth business.”

Marc Jones, Executive Vice President Europe at AstraZeneca added: “I’d like to wholeheartedly thank the team at Avlon for their hard work and dedication even when they faced the closure of their site.  I wish them and Avara every success in the future”.

During the day employees met the executive team at Avara and shared the unveiling of the new site signs as well as attending a celebration lunch.

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