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Clean Tech & Energy study: Windey

Wind turbines - credit: Windey
Image credit: Windey

China's pioneering turbine manufacturers in renewable energy

Windey logoWindey is one of the earliest wind turbine manufacturers in China and a pioneer and innovator in China's wind energy industry. With the mission of "Green power to human, blue sky to nature", Windey is becoming a leader in the Chinese wind power industry, building a national wind power brand, and providing customers with high-quality products and technical services.

Bristol is one of the top technology hubs in the UK. It has a strong renewable energy industry and a large pool of talents from local universities.

Tao Han - Chief Representative, Senior Specialist
20 years Wind turbine operation
99 % Wind turbine availability
10000 Sets of wind turbines installed worldwide
Wind turbines - credit: Windey
Image credit: Windey
27360 GWh Clean energy products per year
1140 Annual power supplies 1140 million families
2626 Million tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions

Helping organisations adapt and move forward

Research and development is at the heart of Windey's focus. They have invested heavily in R&D and have 195 patents, 159 software copyrights and participated in 78 national standards.

Building partnerships with local universities

Windey is looking to develop these technologies in the region which will benefit the renewable energy industry and reduce the cost of wind power generation.

The future

Windey plan to strengthen its research and development and become a wind turbine owner and operator. They are expanding their business from onshore wind turbine manufacturing to offshore wind turbine manufacturing, wind farm operation and maintenance.

Support in the region

Invest Bristol & Bath (IBB) played a key role in Windey’s work in Bristol and Bath. Through their brilliant experience in assisting businesses grow throughout Bristol and Bath, the IBB team helped Windey to setup meetings with various organisations to build R&D partnership.

IBB also has regular catch-up meetings with Windey to understand their needs and will continue to support them as they move forward.