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Welcome to Invest Bristol and Bath

Welcome to Bristol & Bath

During the Covid-19 outbreak, our service remains open.

Our team is working remotely and continues to support clients.

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Why Bristol & Bath

With a population of 1.1 million and a workforce of over 600,000, it contributes £33bn to the UK economy

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Powered by our people

Boasting advanced business infrastructure, our thriving region is driven by a highly skilled and diverse workforce

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Economic Strengths

Bristol & Bath is one of the UK's most successful economies - home to globally recognised industry clusters

Sector specifics

Discover our region

Find out how locating in Bristol & Bath can unlock your business growth

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Welcome to Bristol & Bath

The region’s seven enterprise zones and areas are the engines of our economic growth.

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Key sectors

Low Carbon

Bristol & Bath is a hub of both the UK’s ‘nuclear renaissance’ and disruptive and low carbon energy generation and supply.

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Key Sectors

Creative & Digital

Our thriving Creative & Digital sector has impressive scale and international reach.

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