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Image credit: IDPS, University of Bath

From medical technology to synthetic biology, and digital health to advanced therapeutics, our region is thriving. Unique cross-sectoral collaboration coupled with an exceptional business support and growth ecosystem, the West of England is the place to locate and succeed.

Talent in our region is rapidly growing

7 th Bristol ranked 7th in the UK for innovation
190 + Life science companies in the West of England
3 rd fastest growing Life Sciences sector in UK for employment

Investment growth in region is substantial

# 20 The region ranked in the top 20 European tech hubs for venture capital funding
£ 8.1 bn The region's life sciences & tech related ecosystem is worth £8.1bn (2022)
£ 212 m invested in sector related companies in 2022

Diagnostics, Digital Health & Medical Technology

Scientist looking through a micoscope

Technological advances in diagnosis techniques can more rapidly diagnose and monitor disease and provide clinically useful prognoses for patient triage and treatments. The integration of rapid screening platforms with patient healthcare records and the use of patient-centred diagnostics, have the potential to shorten the time taken to direct patients to the most appropriate treatments and avoid the cost and health risks of using ineffective medicines. 

Key companies include: Rosa Biotech, Invivo Health and FluoretiQ.

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Digital Health

Digital health technologies use computing platforms, connectivity, software, and sensors for health care and related uses. They include technologies intended for use as a medical product, in a medical product, as companion diagnostics, or as an adjunct to other medical products (devices, drugs, and biologics). 

Key companies include: Okko Health, Micrima and Invatech Health.

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Medical Technology

MedTech can save lives, improve health and contribute to sustainable healthcare. Through innovative devices and diagnostics, the industry delivers value to patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems and society.

Key companies include: Argonaute RNAMicrimaOpen Bionics and Transdermal Diagnostics.

Advanced Therapeutics & BioPharma

Scientist with test tubes Image credit: IDPS, University of Bath
Advanced Therapeutics

Advanced Therapeutics are treatments used to alleviate or prevent a particular disease. Examples of therapeutics include drug therapy, medical devices, nutrition therapy and stem-cell therapies.​

Key companies include: Cytoseek, eXmoor Pharma, and Scarlet Therapeutics.

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BioProcessing & BioPharma

Bioprocessing is the process of increasing the number of living cells or other biologic systems/components (such as bacteria, viruses, enzymes, proteins, or nucleic acids) in a commercial bioreactor for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Key companies include: Atlas GeneticsGenomeKeyImophoron and Zentraxa.


LettUs Grow factory Image credit: LettUs Grow

The region is home to two internationally-renowned agricultural institutions: the Royal Agricultural University and Hartpury University. It’s also home to the Rural Enterprise Centre, which is integral to the region’s educational and business growth. ​

Key companies include: Dyson Farming, LettUs Grow, and Yeo Valley.

LettUs Grow scientist Image credit: LettUs Grow

Nutritional science has had a major impact on public health by identifying optimal nutrient intakes on a population-wide basis. Such advances have provided the rationale for healthy eating campaigns, which can produce significant health benefits.  

Key companies include: LettUs Grow and Glaia.

A leading hub for Research and Development

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Science Creates

Science Creates

In partnership with the University of Bristol, Science Creates aims to establish Bristol as a global centre for deep tech by combining specialist incubator facilities, a network of strategic partners and a dedicated venture capital fund: Science Creates Ventures

Two facilities in St Phillips and Old Market. They provide 30,000 square feet (ca. 2,787 m2) of research and development space, office and event rooms and have increased the availability of commercial lab space in the region by 82%.

Home to key companies including Rosa BiotechCytoSeekZentraxa and Halo Therapeutics.

Credit: Science Creates


University spin-offs

The University of Bristol is ranked in the top 10 universities in the UK for producing companies and has a total of 130 companies spun out of the university.

The University of Bristol and the University of Bath are renowned for producing pioneering start-ups, such as:

  • Bath ASU, a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Binx Health (formerly Atlas Genetics), which explores new delivery methods to improve sexual health
  • Iksuda (formerly known as Glythera), which makes anti-drug conjugates for difficult-to-treat cancers.
  • KWS BioTest Ltd, which specialises in immunology oncology discovery services.

Credit: University of Bath

Mission Street

Mission Street

In July 2022, Mission Street and their joint venture partner, BentallGreenOak, unveiled the acquisition of 1 Temple Way, soon to be named 'Projekt.' Their vision includes the creation of Bristol's most expansive commercial innovation facility, encompassing 148,000 sq ft of wet labs, dry labs, office, and collaborative spaces.

The former Printing Press is to be re-purposed and extended, incorporating the technical specifications that will cater for the region’s fast growth innovation companies.

Credit: Mission Street

NHS building

NHS collaboration

  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust is one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK. Made up of eight hospitals, it's also the major teaching and research centre for the South-West of England and has over 7,000 patients engaged in research each year. The Bristol Health Partners, The West of England Academic Health Science Network and the NIRH Bristol Biomedical Research Centre (one of only 20 in the UK) are among a number of networks that bring the NHS together with industry and academia. These networks collaborate on research, clinical trials and the commercialisation of ideas.
  • Health Innovation West of England helps deliver healthcare outcomes across the country. It enables patients to play a larger role in their own care and the care of others.
  • Bristol contributes to the world’s most detailed biomedical database. UK Biobank has agreed a £50 million contract with the NHS in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Innovation meets Research and Development

We have a strong talent pipeline with three of the region's four universities all ranking within the top 30 in the UK for Life Science related topics.

Our universities are home to a number of research institutes and specialist facilities including:

Asset hub

Asset hubs connect tech innovators with scientists, researchers and graduate talent to spark collaboration, innovation and growth for the West of England region.

BrisSynBio is a multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on the biomolecular design and engineering aspects of synthetic biology. BrisSynBio is part of the Bristol BioDesign Institute.

Pfizer's Vaccine Centre of Excellence which is only the second to launch to date and the first outside the US, will be led by Adam Finn, Professor of Paediatrics at Bristol, Director of the Bristol Vaccine Centre at Bristol Medical School.

Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre is £270million a world-leading incubator for innovators of quantum inspired and deep technologies.

Institute of Bio-Sensing Technologies (UWE) is a first of its kind in the UK. Designing complex biological tests and incorporate those tests into prototype devices using microfluidics and bespoke electronics, the centre is a “one stop shop” working on all aspects of the product simultaneously.

Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) exists to accelerate the impact of fundamental research being undertaken at the University in the Departments of Computer Science, Health and Psychology.

SETSquared is a unique enterprise partnership and a dynamic collaboration between that can be found in Bath and Bristol and is ranked as the Global No. 1 Business Incubator.

Engine Shed led by the University of Bristol in collaboration with Bristol City Council and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Engine Shed is a hub where businesses, entrepreneurs, academics, social innovators, and corporates collaborate.

The University Enterprise Zone at UWE Bristol offers facilities to companies specialising in high-tech sectors. It’s supported by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Currently residing in the Zone are:

  • Future Space, which supports businesses working in high-tech areas. Situated on the Frenchay campus.
  • Health Tech Hub, which focuses on advancing technology to enable independent living and reduce the length of hospital stays.

Key partners

Key companies