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Robotic equipment inside the National Composite Centre
Image credit: NCC

Emersons Green specialises in the digital, creative, and microelectronics sectors – with a focus on high-tech, research and development (R&D), and engineering.

The Enterprise Area is set amongst green, open space and accessible road networks and lies between Bristol and Bath. With its connections to academia and these two major cities, the Emerson Green Enterprise Area is driving  technological innovation for the region, the country, and the world.

Facilities at Emersons Green

With the region’s high levels of graduate retention, businesses locating at the site can take advantage of the area’s impressive talent pool, as well as a number of well-established business parks.

Centres and venues on site

National Composites Centre building Image credit: NCC
The National Composites Centre

This world-class research centre allows companies of any size and various industry sectors to innovate. With its cutting-edge technology and specialist engineers, the centre’s work drives innovation for composites.

Graphical impression of The Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems
The Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems

This world-leading centre is driving the future direction of the automotive industry. The centre excels in research, innovation, enterprise, and education.

Bristol & Bath Science Park Image credit: Bristol & Bath Science Park
Bristol & Bath Science Park

This globally-renowned environment provides the space, flexibility and support needed for science and technology businesses to grow.

Graphical impression of Harlequin Business park
Business parks

The Emersons Green area features several well-established business parks, including: Harlequin Business Park, Emerald Business Park and the new Vertex Business Park.