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Venturefest Series continues the Smart Cities debate

Between mid-February and late-September Venturefest will run a series of small-scale theme-specific events. These events will be a mixture of roundtable discussions, seminars and briefings dispersed throughout the period. Throw a few hackathons, bootcamps and sandboxes in the mix and there is something for everyone! We’ll be running events in partnership with SETsquared; Engine Shed; Idea Squares and High Tech Bristol & Bath (HBB) and others including Venturer.

The events will tackle the five main themes brought to you by Venturefest around Smart Cities:

  1. Innovative Technology
  2. Innovative Infrastructure
  3. Smart Money
  4. Smart Living
  5. Smart Energy

The events will fall into two categories –

  1. workshop events to follow up on the challenges posed in the Series Opener;
  2. business support events to help start-up and scale-up companies.

These events will culminate in the Thought Leadership Showcase in October where we will demonstrate how businesses have developed these ideas across the series.

For more information on these events please visit: www.venturefestbristolandbath.com and follow: @venturefestbb


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