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A giant leap for Bristol’s green future

Bristol is leading by example in taking action on climate change and Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees has recently committed the city to being carbon neutral by 2050. Bristol Council’s Energy Service will be at the forefront of this work through the continuation of a programme of energy efficiency and renewable energy investment initiatives which have led to them meeting a 2020 corporate carbon reduction target three years early.

The council is now moving forwards with innovative pilot schemes that will help build the city’s future smart energy system. This level of delivery, coupled with the city’s thriving community energy scene and a wealth of socially responsible organisations, is just one of the reasons why Bristol is internationally recognised as a leading energy city in the UK.

Building on all that’s been achieved there’s a recognition that strong partnerships need to be formed to get the best for the city and ensure that Bristol meets its sustainability targets for 2050.

The council, in partnership with Bristol is Open, University of Bristol, University of the West of England, Invest Bristol & Bath, Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol Energy, has published a range of investment and partnership opportunities called ‘City Leap’.

City Leap is a series of energy and infrastructure investment opportunities that will help to create a healthier and fairer city for all residents, helping to create jobs, maintain economic competitiveness, de-carbonise the city, build strong partnerships and empower communities to take their future into their own hands.

The City Leap is outlined in a Prospectus document with a call out to organisations, investors and innovators – an opportunity to deliver something truly transformative for Bristol, building a citywide energy system that will protect the environment and improve the quality of life for people in local communities.

An expression of interest window is open until Friday 31 August. More information and the full City Leap Prospectus document can be found on Bristol Council’s Energy Service website: www.energyservicebristol.co.uk/prospectus

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