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FinTech case study: Pismo

One of the biggest cloud-based core banking platforms in the world.

Pismo, is a cloud-based technological platform designed to facilitate the creation and management of financial services. This platform comprises a suite of components that banks, FinTech companies, and other organisations can leverage to swiftly develop tailored solutions that meet the ever-evolving demands of the market. Pismo's functionality encompasses the management of accounts and cards, as well as the seamless processing of payments and various other financial transactions.

Pismo sets itself apart from its competitors in several significant ways. Unlike legacy providers, Pismo has been purpose-built for the public cloud. This means that their customers have a pay-as-you-go model, where they only pay for the resources they utilise without hefty upfront fees. Additionally, Pismo enables its clients to release products rapidly, with some even achieving daily release cycles. This agility and cost-efficiency distinguish Pismo in the market, offering a modern and flexible approach to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Bristol and Bath offer excellent quality of life, rail connections to the rest of the country and two large regional airports about 90 minutes away. The region attracts great talent locally and abroad, making Bristol and Bath a wonderful melting pot.

Vishal Dalal, CEO (North America, EMEA, APAC), PISMO

The focus over the next year is to expand the UK and European footprint while maintaining steady global growth

As business grows in the UK and Europe, Pismo believe Bristol has the potential to become the local engineering hub for Europe. Exact numbers are hard to predict, but if past record is any indicator, we believe Bristol will continue to thrive, and most of our future jobs created will be local.

Europe is the centre of the global FinTech ecosystem

European banks are globally recognised for their advanced and innovative approaches to the financial sector, so it is a logical step for Pismo to establish a presence in the West of England. From their base in Bristol, the intention is to serve these forward-thinking banks and share the advantages of their cutting-edge technology with them. This move aligns with Pismo's commitment to providing modern and efficient solutions to further enhance the capabilities of financial institutions in Europe.

Why Bristol?

Pismo's decision to select Bristol as their UK base was driven by a desire to establish a local presence. While London may have been the more obvious choice, Bristol stood out due to its compelling factors. The city boasts a rich talent pool, offers convenient access to various parts of Europe, and provides an exceptional quality of life. These attributes made Bristol an appealing and strategic choice for Pismo's operations in the UK.

Bristol was chosen as the company’s international headquarters due to two main reasons:
1. Localisation – Greenwich Mean Time is the centre of the world, making connecting to different parts of the globe far easier than from anywhere else
2. Local talent – The region provides a variety of talent that fit the company’s needs to expand and support global operations

The UK is still a favourite hotspot amongst international FinTechs and start-ups, with ample funding, support and attracting talent from around the world, which will be in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Pismo's decision to choose Bristol as its new European headquarters was influenced by the proactive efforts of the Invest Bristol & Bath team. The team effectively introduced our region to Pismo, highlighting its exceptional attributes such as a robust FinTech talent pool and existing ecosystem, outstanding global connections, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Stephen Bashford, Director of Business & Skills, West of England Combined Authority.

Support in the region

The Invest Bristol & Bath team (IBB) have been a great support, both in the beginning and throughout Pismo's time here in Bristol. From support in visas to introductions to local recruitment agencies and office space, IBB were able to share their knowledge to help the organisation get started on the right foot. With regular check-ins has allowed Pismo to connect with other companies and participate in various networking activities.

Two years on, we are so pleased to have made Bristol our home base. IBB has been instrumental in helping us get set up and we look forward to a continuing, fruitful partnership as we ramp up our plans for the future.

Vishal Dalal, CEO CEO (North America, EMEA, APAC), PISMO