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Business & Professional Services: NMI

NMI is one of the world’s leading card payment technology companies, with a base in Bristol, processing over 1.2 billion transactions a year from retail POS, ecommerce and self-service terminals.

NMI Bristol office team

A leading global fintech firm in the West of England

NMI is one of the world’s leading card payment technology companies, with a base in Bristol, processing over 1.2 billion transactions a year from retail POS, ecommerce and self-service terminals. NMI enables payments in different ways and places, all with the utmost security and reliability. Developed in Bristol, their work has been used across the globe in over 40 countries, from software that drives ATM machines through to technology used to buy a train or bus ticket.

On the strengths of the West of England region, Jeremy Gumbley (NMI CIO/CSO)  states:

There are many benefits to NMI being located in Bristol – the vibrant and multicultural city, excellent transport links and an enviable location making attracting and retaining staff much easier. There’s also a rapidly growing Fintech sector in the region and some of the best universities on the doorstep giving access to a rich talent pool. We have a particularly strong relationship with the University of the West of England that not only prepares students for the needs of the job but also how to integrate into the working world.

NMI has strengthened its relationships with universities in the West of England and provides work placements every year for students studying Computer Science, Robotics, Maths and Engineering. The business has a strong social mobility policy and is working to help reduce unemployment and open opportunities by giving young talent early access to skills and training. For example; delivering on-campus code surgeries, CV writing workshops and interview technique seminars to students.

Their Bristol based employees mostly travel to work on foot or by bicycle, and the company is invested in promoting a clean sustainable model that can be adapted by their other offices around the world.

Jeremy Gumbley

Adapting to changing times

Like all companies, NMI has had to adapt to a new way of working in these unprecedented times with Jeremy mentioning:

Thanks to forward-planning and an early adoption of cloud-based ticketing systems, CRM and unified communications solutions, NMI went from having 11 employees working remotely to all 200 employees across the US and UK working from home within 48 hours.

“In many ways the crisis has brought us all together. We’re supporting our employees and have a flexible approach to working patterns and in return we’ve seen productivity rise and more effective and efficient communication across the company. We’re also increasing our mental health and wellbeing support in these challenging times and have introduced regular fireside chats, new communication channels and activities such as yoga to keep employees connected with the company and each other.

Beyond the challenges of working through a global pandemic, NMI has been quick to react and adapt to recent social justice events and has created an open and safe space for employees to communicate and provide support to one another. NMI is committed to focussing on progressing the organisation as a truly diverse and inclusive business; with continuing actions in progress of this goal.

Helping organisations adapt and move forward

NMI has been continually engaging with businesses during the pandemic. There’s been no change to customer service and they’ve helped many companies move their payment transactions online and helped businesses still open to move to other forms of payment processing, with Jeremy adding

Payments are an extremely tricky area with numerous certifications and hurdles on route so we have taken the stress out of it by setting companies up quickly and securely so that they can stay focused on what they do best. At a time where we are all changing our way of working, we’ve been working hard to help businesses change their business models and help them adapt and future-proof their businesses.

Whilst this is new territory for all businesses, adapting and changing is key to a brighter future and NMI continues to do so enabling numerous other businesses to carry on doing the same.

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