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Pure Comms: A Case Study

PureComms are an award-winning Telecoms and IT provider working in the hi-tech sector. They deliver products and services to clients who often have complex and bespoke requirements. With the growth of hosted/VoIP web-based telephony (which integrates telecoms with Outlook and other desktop functions), the ‘line’ between Telecoms, IT and the internet is blurring.

The company’s Business Development Director, Jane Vivian, visited us at Invest Bristol & Bath’s offices, to tell us more about this thriving and growing local SME.

IBB: Jane, who are PureComms and what do you do?

Jane: The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is increasingly being spoken about and is essentially all about the inter-networking of physical devises (such as telephone systems, mobiles etc), buildings and other items, embedded with software, network connections, electronics etc, to enable these objects to collect and exchange data.  We’re different to other Telecoms and integrated solutions companies as we’ve invested in an advanced CRM system that gives our clients greater control. We provide real time, in-life management reporting, which enables us to continually identify potential cost and efficiency savings for our clients, a service which sets us apart from our competitors.

IBB: So why the South West?

Jane: The background to why we are based in the West of England is that Rob Vivian (our CEO) spent many years working in London, where he undertook Telecoms consultancy work for the likes of HSBC, PwC, the NHS and CentreParcs.  With a young family and spending most of the week away from home, he decided that the time was right to set up a business here in Bristol.

Bristol is ideally situated for us because of the amazing opportunities it provides for SMEs and start-ups. There is a wealth of talent and we’re big on recruiting locally. Our engineers are able to access all parts of the country with the strong infrastructure such as the motorways; airport and train links to London.

We’ve had fantastic support from the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Invest in Bristol & Bath (IIBB), Business West, North Somerset Enterprise Agency (NSEA) and other agencies. The guidance and support we’ve received during our growth has been incredible.

We’re also working with Weston College in the skills area. We’ve just employed our first apprentice and Weston College has been amazing at guiding us through the process. We want to grow and invest in local talent, developing the skills of the future and we’re confident that we can do this from our base in Tickenham.

The West of England provides all we need as a business: the connectivity to others and the collaboration to help us grow, business support, talent and skills and of course it’s also a great place to live!

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